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Q: I have a great business idea? How do I start renting space on a shopping centre mall and start retailing?

Start with us. Space to Trade rents out space in shopping centres and town centres across the UK to all types of businesses. We can guide you through the process and get you up and trading very quickly.

Q: I thought it was hard to get into a shopping centre mall to trade?

No, it is not hard. There are a few simple steps to take. Firstly, you will need to demonstrate what products or services you want to sell. Space to Trade can provide you with the space or a kiosk which you can trade from. We can then guide you on how to merchandise your products. Once this is done, the paperwork is in order and payment of rent has been made, you can start trading immediately.

Q: How much does it cost to rent space on a shopping centre mall?

We rent space in shopping and town centres to a wide variety of businesses. Depending on the location you have chosen, the time of the year in which you wish to trade and the overall offering that you present, weekly rents can range anywhere from approx. £300 to £700 per week.

Q: Are there any hidden costs in renting space on a shopping centre mall?

The rent you pay will always include the cost of electricity and service charge. All rents payable do not include VAT. It is important that you factor this cost in, particularly if you are not VAT registered.

Q: How do I pay rent for my space on a shopping centre mall?

Space to Trade has a dedicated accounts team who are on hand to help you. Our electronic payments system allows you to pay rent quickly and easily. Contact our accounts team if you have any questions. Tracey Tucker Tel: +44 (0)28 4062 8009.

Q: Is there a lot of paperwork and red-tape involved in renting space on a shopping centre mall?

No. Once your product range, merchandising materials, signage, etc. has been approved, you will need to provide three pieces of paper; First is a Public Liability Insurance Certificate. Second is a signed licence, which sets out the terms of the agreement and third is confirmation that rent is paid.

Q: Do I need Insurance to rent space on a shopping centre mall?

Yes, you must have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) as you will not be allowed into any centre without it. Most insurance companies provide this type of cover.

Q: How much insurance cover do I need to rent space on a shopping centre mall?

Typically, you will need a minimum level of cover. This can range from £2m to £5million and must over the period of time that you are trading in the centre. The cost of this is typically somewhere between £100 and £200.

Q: Will storage space be available?

Typically no, but this may be available at an additional cost. It is important that your stand is capable of storing materials and your staff is fully aware of this too.

Q: How long can I make a booking on the shopping centre mall for?

The length of the trading licence is very flexible.  We typically find retailers seek somewhere between one and six month licences. We are happy to provide a licence for 1 day or for 365 days and any period in between.

Q: How long in advance to I have to book space on the shopping centre mall?

Most retailers seek to book space a few weeks in advance in order to allow enough time to prepare new stock and train new staff. However, if you are ready to trade, we will aim to get you trading as quickly as possible.

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