Jeremy Mutebi Launches Online Style Consultancy and Affordable Couture at Fareham Shopping Centre

As a finalist in this year’s inaugural Young Start-up Talent Hampshire, a competition which is open to 16 to 25-year-olds who wish to run their own ventures across Hampshire – 20 year old Jeremy Mutebi, an Economic Undergraduate from the University of Southampton was given the chance to promote his online style consultancy and affordable couture at Fareham Shopping Centre with Space to trade this summer.

Jeremy, whose online services include personal shopping, off-the-peg, made-to-measure and bespoke ensembles for every occasion, told us how he got into his style of snappy dressing and his interest in couture. ‘It all began in college where we had to wear suits every day.  I was aiming for a modern day mix between Harvey Spector and James Bond but the guys at my local suit store didn’t know how to style me that way. I bought blazers and trousers from the likes of TOP MAN and River Island and taught myself how. JeremyMutebi solves the problem of wanting to look like James Bond but you either have don’t have the time or the know-how.’

Jeremy continued, ‘I always wanted to be the next Jordan Belfort and run Wall Street but it was only during my first year at university that I realised it wasn’t so much the job I aspired to, it was the suits, the money and the lifestyle. I first got into suits when I was 16 or so. A gent who worked at Thomas Pink used to attend the same church as me, looking like money; and I aspired to be like him.  I was sold on the look and my trousers went from baggy to fitted and my shoe game went from Air Forces to Air Brogues.’

Space to trade Account Manager, Helen Frost who worked with Jeremy to help in bring his brand to visitors to Fareham Shopping Centre told us what a pleasure it was working with Jeremy. ‘Jeremy was most engaging and very smartly dressed; he certainly practises what he preaches and has a great business mind. He had lots of interest from visitors to the centre and certainly enjoyed his week trading. I think Jeremy is just one of those people that will succeed in life, whatever he decides to do and I wish him the best of success with his business going forward.’

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