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“Space to Trade are one of Ellandi’s principle advisors on commercialisation”.

Mark Robinson – Property Director and Owner Ellandi

“Their on the ground management approach has resulted in a significant increase in a mall activity and revenue for our client”.

Ian Irvine – Asset Manager Reith Lambert

“Since Space to Trade were engaged in the management of the commercialisation within our schemes our Net Revenue increased by over 70%. This added significant capital value as we brought these schemes to the market for sale. Their revenue projections were reliable and they delivered consistent results”.

Alastair Coulson – Managing Director Lotus Property

“I have been working with Space to Trade for a long number of years and have recently renewed their contract at Vancouver Quarter for a further five years. We experienced a seamless transition when Space to Trade commenced managing the commercialisation at the Centre. They provide us with excellent customer service and work very hard to promote our Centre. Our malls now contain more retail and promotional activity, our centre now offers greater choice and overall the customer experience has improved. From a landlords perspective payments arrive on time every month without question and there is always a member of the team available to address any issues that may arise from time to time”.

Abbie Panks – Centre Manager Vancouver Quarter

“I would certainly recommend Space to Trade. One of the main reasons is because they have a presence on site. We get to see them, get to speak to them and discuss various ideas & options and any problems we’ve got”.

Jay Kent – Centre Manager Pentagon Shopping Centre

“Lynn from Space to Trade has become an extended member of the Castlegate Management Team. She genuinely cares about us as a business, the retailers she brings into the scheme and our town”.

Karen Eve- Centre Manager Castlegate Shopping Centre

“I am delighted to work in partnership with Space to Trade. Helen and Paul have been incredibly supportive of my business and have been involved every step of the way from the very beginning. They assisted with the kiosk design, launch and operations. I have businesses in a number of Shopping Centres and I can say with confidence that my experience working with Space to Trade has been second to none”.

Safia Khalid – Safia’s Barbershop

“Thank you Space to trade. The service we received from you was wonderful. Your advice was very helpful when we set up our business. We are now trading very well and look forward to a continued relationship with you and your team.”

Inderjit Dhilian – Mobile Phone Booth

“My company, Kaizen Gallery, has worked promotional sites in shopping centres for almost twenty years. We have found Space to Trade to be an exceptional company. Their personal approach and the ease of arranging sites make them a pleasure to deal with. On one occasion I was able to telephone them at eight o clock on a Sunday night and got their immediate help in solving a site problem. Something which in my experience would not be possible with any of the bigger promotional companies – and saving me hours of work. I have no hesitation in recommending them wholeheartedly.”

Carl Morris, Managaing Director Kaizen Gallery

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